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Keeping Deliveries Safe During a Pandemic

Keeping Deliveries Safe During a Pandemic

As stores continue to operate online, they rely on delivery services in Saint Paul, Minnesota to deliver their products to their customers on time.

However, with the number of people the driver comes in contact with during the crisis, courier businesses must uphold health and safety protocols to protect both their workers and customers. Here’s how to ensure safe package delivery during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Train Workers on How to Minimize Its Spread
    When couriers are on the road, have them carry hand sanitizers, wipes, or soap and water to clean their hands regularly. They should wear disposable gloves and personal protective equipment. Distance from the customers should be maintained as well.
  • Set a Clear Policy for What Should Be Done If a Worker Gets Sick, Has Symptoms, or When Exposure Is Reported
    Should any of the workers show signs of symptoms, feel unwell, or have been in contact with anyone with the virus, they should be sent home immediately and undergo self-quarantine. Have them get professional help or advice before allowing them to continue work.
  • Practice Proper Sanitation within the Office
    The office should have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers as well. Every surface of the office should be cleaned regularly, and employees should practice social distancing. A no mask, no entry policy should be implemented in the workplace to ensure everyone’s safety.

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